The history of Chernomorets began in 1728. This amazing small town is situated on a peninsula on the shore of the gulf. Even in ancient times the Greeks called it Holy Island, named after St. Nicholas. It is believed that he namely gave this name to the island, and up to 1951 Chernomorets was called - Saint Nicholas. There is a Garden of Eden in Chernomorets, so call it the people of Chernomorets. It is situated in front of the Orthodox Church “Saint Nicholas”. This temple is extraordinary. In 1994 a fire destroyed everything, but miraculously the wooden cross and the icon of St Nicholas remained unburned. The parishioners restored the temple by their own efforts.

Saint Nicholas, the patron of the sea, is patron of Chernomorets.

Eastwards of the town is the island of St. John and there is located Sozopol. The settlement of Chernomorets itself is a small resort town on the southern coast of Bulgaria. The resort is located in Strandzha Mountain. At 7 km south of the settlement is situated the ancient town of Sozopol and about 20 km northwards - Burgas, where is the nearest international airport.

Chernomorets is situated in the Burgas District. The small town is very compact, it can be crossed on foot from end to end for about 20-30 minutes, the population is a little more than 2100 people. Now many foreigners buy real estates in the town itself and its surroundings.

Chernomorets resort on the map of Bulgaria

There is a wonderful seacoast here. The resort has 5 beaches with fine light golden sand, which are divided among themselves by beautiful rocky coastline and form gulfs, bays and islands.

The beach of the town is located in the southern part of the Burgas gulf in the form of a rainbow, like a horseshoe, and this is the reason the sea, the beach and pier to be perfectly visible from each point.

The area where Chernomorets is located is slightly undulating, almost plain. Strandzha Mountain is hilly, low grade. Forests, orchards, vineyards, meadows ...

The central beach of Chernomorets is sandy, about 30 meters wide and 1.5 km long. Entry into the sea is sloping. Near the shore the sea is shallow, at a distance about 20-30 meters from the shore the depth is not more than 50-60 cm, which is very convenient for a holiday with children. Moreover, upon such a small depth the sea very quickly heats up, so here bathing season can be safely opened in the middle of May. There are sections with gravel on the shore, where it is a little deeper.

The eastern part of the beach is a rocky coast, here prefer to rest people fond of diving and fishing. And another thing, maybe insignificant, but very useful (the experienced sunbathers will judge it on its merits) - the beach has a healing spring water!

On the eastern part of the beach there is a small boat stop (fishing boats) and after it a short pier- breakwater, where fishing is possible. There is another nice specificity of the local beach, it is east-west oriented, i.e. the sun rises here from the one side and sets to the other side, and so the sea and the beach are lit by the sun throughout the day.

The beach reminds amphitheater, whose stage is the sea. The beach, sea, pier-breakwater are perfectly visible from any point. So it is practically impossible to lose sight of the children.

One of the main advantages of Chernomorets is the clean beach and sea. There are paid areas on the beach where there are fixed umbrellas and sun lounge chairs for rent, there can be rented catamarans, scooters, pedal boats, "banana" ride or water skiing.

In the summer here are located two small fun-fairs – on the square in the center and in Zornitsa street, near the beach, on the central square there is colored fountain next thereto - a scene where Bulgarian musicians, singers, bards can play.

During the summer many cafes, small restaurants, shops, taverns operate in the town, offering dishes of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine, the prices are very reasonable and noticeably lower than those in the large and famous resorts. In the evening you can visit the open air disco, listen to live music, sit in the cozy cafes and restaurants. There are no expensive hotels and restaurants.

The resort is oriented towards a quiet and restful holiday. Here you can stay at mini-hotels or in the private sector, the bathing season lasts until the middle of October, up to the middle of June and from the middle of September the tourists are less and it makes sense to take advantage of this opportunity - relax in peace and tranquility.

Chernomorets has good transport connections; there are regular buses and mini-buses traveling to Burgas, Sozopol, Primorsko and Sofia, the route to Istanbul passes along Chernomorets. There are buses every 30 minutes, which is very convenient.

Cozy family hotels, lush and diverse vegetation, nice, delicious food, lots of fresh and wild fruits. Always nice, pleasant weather, almost no rain – it’s everything you need to rest. In the evening, which is surprising, there are not even mosquitoes, you may comfortably sit and enjoy the sea.

The Black Sea climate is very suitable for people with problems of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

The climate differs from the other regions with its persistence. The water temperature is 25-26 C and the air - 28 to 30 C.

The people of Chernomorets are very friendly, smiling people.

You’ll be happy to relax and you will not want to leave this paradise of Bulgaria.

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